The origin began in Egypt with piercing the ear in a specific location. Ancient Egyptians sailors were the first to wear gold earrings to improve eyesight.

A 13th century painting at the Bodleian Library in Oxford showed ear cauterization to treat disease. In 1855 various Paris physicians recorded results for treating sciatica with ear cauterization.

In the 1950’s, French Neurologist Dr. Paul Nogier noticed one of his patient had ear scars. The patient explained it was done to treat sciatica. Through many years of study Nogier mapped out the ear. Gradually, the ear antihelix appeared to be the inverse of the vertebral column.

In 1959 Dr, Nogier was given credit by the Chinese, as the father of ear acupuncture.

Auricular therapy can be used exclusive or supplemental to body points, depending on the complexity of the case.