At Marlton Acupuncture we emphasize Integrative Medicine. Medical Acupuncture merges our western understanding of neuromuscular anatomy and pain physiology along with the Chinese philosophy of the circulating life force called qi. The majority of patients who see Dr. Sciamanna have exhausted all possible western diagnostic tools, surgeries or medications but remain with chronic disease.

Dr Sciamanna has a comprehensive approach to patient care that utilizes different modalities. These may be Traditional body acupuncture, French (auricular) acupuncture, Chinese scalp acupuncture, Facial rejuvenation acupuncture, Cupping, Osteopathic manipulation, Trigger point injections, Nutritional Support or PENS treatment. The typical patient presents with a diagnosis, but she investigates to make sure that diagnosis is correct. This is where being an American trained physician is most important. There have been occasions where the patient was given an incorrect diagnosis, but through history and physical exam, she has diagnosed the problem and treated with acupuncture.

Dr Sciamanna is licensed to practice both medicine and acupuncture and must maintain the requirements of the state of New Jersey. This includes maintaining continuing education requirements of the state, in addition to the multiple organizations that have certified her. She is constantly keeping up the new techniques to help her patients. Having practiced in South Jersey for 30 years , she has a relationship with many specialists. They know her dedication to patient care and are comfortable referring patients to her. In turn, with her experience she knows when to refer to a specialist for conventional treatment.