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I have been seeing Dr. Sciamanna for treatment of Dry eye. When I started treatment, I was afraid I would have to stop wearing my contacts due to the pain associated with the Dry eye, but after several treatments and regular follow-up care I am not only wearing my contacts for the full day, I no longer have any discomfort.
Deidre G. RN

A caring office from beginning to end... from when you make your appointment and enter the office. You hear Dawn's caring voice welcomes you and makes you laugh as you have a short wait prior to being brought back by Edward. Dr. Sciamanna can treat you from head to toe, and she does so with extreme kindness, great listening skills and thoughtfulness. This is an office you can enjoy going to not only because as time goes by you feel better, but because they make you feel at home.
Stacey C. PhD

A car accident resulted in neck and back disc herniations, which left me with constant, profound pain in extremely limited range of motion. My pain was so great that even sound vibrations, such as music or construction work, would be excruciating to my neck, shoulders and back. It wasn't until I started seeing Dr. Sciamanna for acupuncture that I began to feel significant improvement. Not only is Dr. Sciamanna, knowledgeable and effective but she is warm, caring and approachable. I always feel heard and understood. I would also like to add that her delightful and helpful office staff contributes to the relaxed, comfortable environment that Dr. Sciamanna creates. I've never experienced a more efficient medical office where paperwork, return phone calls, etc. are handled in such a timely manner.
Andrea M.

Severe headaches have been a part of my life for many years, with each event lasting 3-4 Days. Every attempt for a cure was temporary at best. Finally, I came upon acupuncture. It was a "Godsend" will almost from the very beginning of Dr. Sciamanna's treatments. Under her care, my progress has been tremendous. My headaches are less frequent, less severe and much easier to control.
Lois T.

I have been a back pain patient of Dr. Sciamanna for several years now, and the service has been outstanding. There has not been a time when I was in need of treatment that scheduling has been an issue. Her acupuncture treatment has made my life so much better without having to live off pills.
Carrine S.